Learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere. (Chinese proverb)

Leading Into Learning Institute (LILI) is a research-based organization that focuses on enhancing the way that individuals learn based on their learning styles.


We include a group of university professors, college instructors, and K-12 teachers, who enjoy teaching and research. We are willing to share our expertise and knowledge with students at all ages.

We have extensive experience in working with students who need assistance with their homework of all subjects, preparing for tests at any level, and applying for college, university, or graduate school.  

We also have extensive experience in working with individuals who would like to advance their skills for career or lifestyle enrichment. 


What LILI does:

  • LILI provides students, parents, and educators with academic support and skill enhancement from K-12 to college and university (including graduate schools).
  • LILI offers various courses that will help adults and seniors enhance their skills in career advancement or lifestyle enjoyment.
  • LILI also provides native English speakers opportunities to teach English as a second language (ESL) abroad at their comfortable levels.

Programs at LILI:

What's New?

Dr. Li Li, the founder and President, is proud to announce that Santa Rosa Conservatory of Music has merged with LILI. Dr. Li Li and Dr. Sally Wei will provide excellent programs of Science, Music, and Chinese together.

The following courses are available in many schools and school districts in various cities throughout Sonoma County now!!!

*New session starts soon in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma, Sonoma, etc.

**This program is on-going. Fall semester starts after the Labor Day:

  • 3-5 yrs old; 3-5pm; Fri.
  • 6+ yrs old; 9-12pm; Sun.
Please contact Dr. Li Li if you have any questions


Phone: 707.849.6980         Email: LILI@drlili.org